Self-hypnosis, meditation for managing Anxiety, panic, anger and depression

Bipolar disorder in psychiatry is a medical state which refers to mania ( mixed states or hypomania ) alternated with depressed mood or euthymic (clinical depression) within a specific duration of time. There are also instances linking bipolar disorder to extreme functioning. Most creative talents are attributing bipolar disorder on their creativity.

Self-hypnosis is used in modern hypnotherapy. It can take the form of hypnosis carried out by means of a learned routine. Hypnosis may help pain management, depression, anxiety, obesity, sleep disorders. It can improve concentration, enhance problem solving, alleviate headaches and improve control of emotions.

This video that teaches you some skills to help you overcome anxiety, depression and anger.

meditation reduces depression fatigue anxiety in ms patients

And this one is also about Meditation for Depression.

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